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Do Not Feed The Clown Book Review: Matt Nagin makes us laugh & think!

Title- Do Not Feed The Clown | Genre: Comedy | Author- Matt Nagin

Quick Review: A hilarious read with dark, witty undertones.

Matt Nagin’s ‘ Do Not Feed The Clown’ is more than a book to make you laugh. Well of course it tickles your funny bone but at the same time it will often make you scratch your head and re-read a few sentences with raised eyebrows. Caution: This is not for the faint-hearted or for the staunch followers of ‘The System’. (Leave your ego at the doorstep, please.)

‘Do Not Feed The Clown’, time and again, not only challenges societal notions but also makes us come face to face with the sad reality of today. All with a dash of humour of course!

“ Although each made excellent conversationalists, none mesmerized me quite like Wilma. Of course I’d watched The Flintstones in its heyday, but I must say, in person, Wilma is absolutely to die for (and far more alluring than those IG Models who constantly share inspirational messages atop partially-exposed mammary glands).”

He writes in Confessions of a Wayward Santa and the hypocrisy of the society highlighted in these few lines is an eye-opener ( Pseudo feminists, take a back seat!)

In ‘The Secret Diary of Tim Cook’, his jibes on people ending up paying more than what they can afford solely for ‘bragging rights’ will remind you of all your friends who just have to get their hands on the latest iPhone, no matter the cost. And once they do, they show off wherever possible (those mirror selfies that cover their face but highlight the Apple logo?, yep! These are the people who must read this brilliant piece)

In ‘Zombie Apocalypse Insurance’ , Matt writes,

“Is there any hope for humanity?

None. Consult with one of our financial advisors today.”

Well of course, Humanity has no hope and Matt very well knows how to hide satire behind unparalleled comic lines.

To be honest, at this moment I wasn’t sure if I were reading a collection of comic pieces or a book that compels me to think. To Act.

The book has 34 short pieces and it is hard to pick the best ones. The cultural references might make it a difficult read for people who aren’t well-versed with the British/ American culture, but, the collection has to be admired for its brutal, sometimes indigestible honesty as well as the ability to make you chuckle every now and then.

On a personal level, some of my favourite pieces are ‘Sex Robot Complaint Letters’, ‘New Apps’ ‘Confessions of a Wayward Santa’, ‘Rejection letter for famous authors’, Glorious Casting Notices’, and ‘A Brief Guide To Hell’.

Kudos for putting up such a witty collection, Matt! You deserve the readers’ LUVV!

Stay tuned for the book’s release on December 10, 2019.

Pre-order it on Amazon:

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Click here for paperback version

Order the book at B&N by Clicking Here.


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